Top 15 in 2015

Top 15 Projects, Blogs, and Impacts of 2015

Are you all ready for Big Street’s “Top 15 in 2015”?! You’ll have to check

back every day for the rest of the year because we are releasing 3 separate

Top 5 lists. You probably didn’t have to wait to find out what your Christmas

gifts were, right? So hopefully, curiosity will get the best of you! Without

further ado…

Our Top 5 Most Viewed Blogs:

1. How Much Does Construction Cost in Alaska

2. How to Obtain House Plans

3. How to Winterize Your Home

4. What to Look For in a Vacant Lot

5. Renting v. Buying

Top 5 Projects on a Budget

This was a tough topic. It’s very helpful if you are on a tight budget but want to make some updates to your home. A good place to start if you’ve been thinking of making some needed upgrades. These categories were built on actual work we’ve performed this year. But with that said, the projects can vary greatly on size, quantity, finished selected. For your very own estimate, please give us a call at 907-488-5773.

Top 5 Projects I Can Get on a Budget

Budget up to $5K:

1. Kitchen – countertops; or new flooring for kitchen/dining room






2. Bath – powder room to midsize bathroom upgrade





3. Garage – hang drywall, tape, prime & paint

4. Attic – insulation

5. Driveway – install C-1 gravel, regrade driveway, compact and smooth

Budget from $5 to $10K:

1. Small Kitchen – cabinets & countertop upgrade

2. Master Bath – remodel/plumbing new shower location, install surround and upgrade floor

3. Windows – installation of vinyl triple-pane low-E argon filled windows (approximately 6)







4. Exterior – install 22′ by 6′ covered walkway roof; or paint exterior; or build new deck

5. Home – energy upgrades such as weather-seal and insulate or lighting


Top 5 BIG Impacts of a Small Business.

1.We have had the privilege to serve 173 customers this year, for an average of about new customer every other day! We finished a handful of large commercial jobs totaling over $1.4 million. These businesses are enabled to expand operations, serve more customers and new infrastructures are established to bring economic growth and strengthen our community. Furthermore, as a business within the heart of the interior, we took on a contract with the Yukon-Koyukuk School District performing over 300 hours and $85K in repairs at remote locations.
2. Our services involve coordinating skilled carpenters, subcontractors, and securing supplies from a number of different stores and locations to complete a construction project for our clients. We do not send our projects out for bid in order to work with the cheapest subcontractors and maximize our profits. Rather, we choose to use the same plumber, electrician, heating technicians, roofer, etc. because the trusting relationship has been built, the expectations and standards have been set, and the client’s project succeeds as a result. Equally, the subcontractors accept our work! Our relationship with these core business supports their local operation, in turn further supporting our community and the working class within it. Additionally, many of our jobs comprise of restoration projects. Though our clients utilize different insurance and mortgage companies, our leadership’s 25 years of combined experience working within this field facilitates this unfamiliar process to the client.

3. Our building practices are another way we strengthen the community. We have a desire to create energy-efficient spaces, totaling up to 50% energy-cost savings due to our unique building practices that cut heating costs, and use less water and energy. These practices include spray foam insulation, LED or DFL lighting, triple pane low-emissivity windows, and cross-linked polyethylene piped plumbing. Additionally, clients have the opportunity to express themselves through custom design from remote home management upgrades allowing remote control locking doors, adjusting temperatures, turning on lights or other appliances to state-of-the-art computer design programming to transform dreams into 3D and 2D floor plans. In order to stay at the forefront on the cutting edge of techniques and technologies, our leadership team invests time to attend the International Builder’s Show. Ultimately providing our clients with the best possible information to assist them in decisions that are going to last for decades.

4. We try to go above and beyond to provide the very best we can to our clients including giving access to a secure online program that allows them to remain in control of their project by viewing current schedules and construction documents, approving change orders, and viewing and sharing progress photos. Additionally, we provide free estimates, accurately quoting what our customers are envisioning built to help eliminate surprises. Finally, we offer extended warranties to the minimum 1-year Workmanship warranty required for all new homes built in the state of Alaska, including a 2-year Mechanical Systems Warranty and 5-year Structural Warranty. This written warranty is in compliance with National Association of Home Builders guidelines.

5. Annually, our team participates in the Community Clean-Up Day and beautifies the community we all call home. Brian has teamed up with 100+ Professionals pledging to give quarterly to a qualified non-profit. Big Street Construction, Inc. makes various donations, over $3K in 2015, to the youth of this town knowing full well how important they are to our future as well as to several of the city’s charitable organizations including the pregnancy center and suicide awareness. Furthermore, Big Street joined up with the CareNet Pregnancy Center’s team to serve others who find themselves in a crisis and needing help. Brian took the initiative to coordinate a team of construction professionals to donate time, material, and labor to install a new roof for the center. The center provides critical services, such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting and abstinence education classes, at no charge to their clients, operating totally on the donations of generous members of our community. Due to the major renovation and impact on the daily operations, the center opted to schedule the project for the spring of 2016.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you enjoyed our Top 5 BIG Impacts of a Small Business list. This was just a glimpse inside ONE local small business. There are countless within our community. Your support of them matters and impacts the community we call home! Hope you have a great 2016!