The Proven Benefits of Fireplace Replacements

The Proven Benefits of Fireplace Replacements



The traditional fireplace has become a symbol of comfort and warmth over the years. When people list the attributes of their ideal ‘dream’ home, a traditional open-air fireplace usually ranks pretty high on the list. Unfortunately, the traditional open-air fireplace is a notoriously inefficient heat source. In today’s modern homes, the traditional open-air fireplace has serious drawbacks in the area of safety and energy efficiency that simply can not be ignored. For this reason, fireplace replacements like high-efficiency fireplaces and wood burning stoves are recommended for their low operating costs and high energy efficiency.

The Problem With Traditional Fireplaces

The traditional open air fireplace was popular at a time when our heating, insulation and ventilation standards were not as high as they are today. By today’s standards, traditional fireplaces are extremely inefficient. Traditional fireplaces suffer from a serious design flaw which not only sends soot and smoke up the chimney but also a good portion of the heat energy that the fireplace generates.

Most traditional fireplaces, while looking nice, tend to have a variety of problems that could result in higher home heating costs. In most homes, traditional fireplaces develop a number of serious structural problems that simply can not be ignored, including:

loose, cracked bricks and missing mortar joints which could result in your home catching fire

a buildup of soot and creosote in the chimney that is an ever present fire hazard

missing or damaged chimney cap, allowing rain and snow to get inside your chimney causing moisture damage to your home

damaged or missing flue, meaning that smoke and soot could potentially back up into your home

If your home features a traditional open-air fireplace, you may need to upgrade your system before one of these problems leads to structural and safety concerns that could cost you a great deal in remodeling costs.

The Benefits of Fireplace Replacements

Fireplace replacement products like wood burning stoves and high-efficiency fireplaces offer you a number of safety and efficiency advantages that make them the ideal upgrade for the old fireplace in your home. Today’s wood burning stoves are more energy efficient than ever before, able to keep your home warm for up to 10 hours without having to refuel. With the right sized wood burning stove and dry fuel, you can expect to reduce your present home heating bill by up to 70%. Wood burning stoves can also be used during power outages, functioning as a heat source for cooking and heating water. Though wood burning stoves are more advanced than ever before, they still give your home the same rustic look.

High-efficiency fireplaces are another excellent way to upgrade your current fireplace while retaining the rustic look of a traditional fireplace. High-efficiency fireplaces are installed right in the place of your present fireplace. Because they fit in your current fireplace, they can be installed without costly remodeling. Like a wood burning stove, a high-efficiency fireplace will drastically reduce your home heating bills, offering reliable and safe home heating while preserving the rustic charm that you get from a traditional fireplace.

The Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Fireplace replacement products like high-efficiency fireplaces and wood burning stoves represent the perfect way to deal with the problem of a decaying open-air fireplace. Today’s fireplace replacement products are environmentally friendly alternatives to an open-air fireplace, meeting all current EPA emission standards. To learn more about the benefits of having a fireplace replacement product installed in your home contact a general contractor at Big Street Construction and schedule a consultation.