Money Savings Found in Energy Efficient Windows

Money Savings Found in Energy Efficient Windows

Maybe you are renovating your current house or rental. Maybe you are just wanting to do some updating. Whatever your project, switching out old single pane windows with new energy efficient windows should be on the list.

When comparing energy efficient windows with traditional single pane windows, it could seem like the energy efficient options come at a higher price. However, over the long run, the savings you will accumulate with lower heating and cooling costs if you choose energy efficient windows will easily justify that initial price — and actually put money back in your pocket.

How? Switching from single-pane glass to energy efficient double, or even triple pane, windows will better protect you from outside temperatures. Energy efficient windows have a space that prevents outside air and temperatures from invading your home, making it easier to regulate your in-home temperature. This means no more turning the heat up to compensate for chilly drafts coming from a window. No more cranking the air conditioner up because hot summer heat is creeping in through the single pane. Choosing energy efficient windows also opens the door to further savings by providing the option and benefit of installing smaller heating and cooling units, further reducing costs to you.

Another cost benefit to choosing energy efficient windows can be found in maintenance expenses. Condensation buildup happens less with energy efficient windows than with the traditional single-pane window. This means you don’t have to spend your time and money on mold cleanup, water spot damage or buildup.

An added bonus to selecting energy efficient windows is the impact caused to the environment. Less energy used by not having to turn the heat up in low-temperature chilly months means you are producing less greenhouse gas emissions. We all want to have smaller carbon footprints. Energy efficient windows is one step in the right direction.

If you want to gain the most in long-term cost effectiveness while also adding the bonuses of maximum comfort when it comes to temperature in your home, a smaller carbon foot-prints and lower maintenance, energy efficient windows are a great option.